dealsthe incredible hulk: the complete series for $37…


Do not let the suckiness of the latest hulk offering dissuade you from getting this. For a TV show, this was a pretty good one. You got kids? Tired of network crap? Get this. I even think that maybe the directors watching Lou run in slow motion inspired them to do Baywatch.


I can remember watching this and thinking how cool to be able to turn into the Hulk and take care of business. I think kids would still enjoy this as well. Incredible savings, thanks!


He always "hulked out" at :25 and :55 every episode. Once I figured this out, I realized I didn't have to watch the entire show to see the good parts.


@gidgaf: What suckiness? I thought both the Hulk movies were pretty good.


This is a little cheaper at
Price:$28.79 + $2.98 SHIPPING
Total Price: $31.77


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