deals20% off entire check at denny's


Still means I'm paying 80% too much...

Don't know about everywhere...but the Denny's here in Dallas are TERRIBLE!


Free kids meals every week night after 4pm saves me more money, but this is a good deal for those without young kids.


Legends say Denny's will turn your intestines into Mount Doom


Love breakfast at Denny's A+++. Can you say, "Chickin' Fried Steak & Eggs"?


All protein breakfast works great for low carb diet. Egg whites, turkey bacon, etc. available, too.


I work in the food industry, and this is a very widely held viewpoint among managers.
My own manager said the very same thing. "We can't afford the cost of it, so if there's a 30 hour threshold on the eligibility for health care, then I'll have to keep them under it".

Seems like there will have to be new discriminatory laws regarding this.

Whether you agree with it or not, my opinion is that you will see an enormous rise in union help. Socialism requires other tiers of socialism to manage it.


@breaddrink: Seriously. Check out for more deals.

Our IKEA does free kids meals on Tuesdays, and you don't even have to buy anything, though I usually do.