dealssuper talent pico-c nickel 32gb usb 2.0 flash…


And Laalo, is your shipping about 5 bucks, as it is usually, taking the word "deal" out of this?

Elsewhere on Deals Woot, there is a freshly posted 32GB for $15 with free shipping. THAT is approaching a deal.


I used to have one of these for quite awhile. The build seems very durable and the transfer rates are pretty fast.

However, after about 6 months, the drive just died. Refuses to boot. I have a feeling that the unshielded design, while amazingly compact and aesthetically head-turning, compromises on protection from static damage.

It's also pretty thick and takes some effort to jam into a USB slot. All other plugs that use that port subsequently...feel loose...


I have had 2 of these in 8gb format (thought I had lost the first one, that's how small they are) and have zero complaints. I've had them for going on 4 years now with no hiccups, of course I seldom use them but when I need one it's always there. Very weather resistant too, just don't rely on the little chain/string that comes with it, it'll snap off easily and that little sucker will be gone real quick.