dealstactical aluminium rechargeable 4.5m volt stun…


Worth the $17.99 just because it's Aluminum, 160 Lumens & rechargeable! If the Taser part actually works at all, it's worth 3x as much!

Definitely in for one (for starters!).


sure would suck to fumble for this flashlight in the dark and accidentally hit the wrong button!


@karlsworld: If it's anything like a stun gun (that happens to have an LED flashlight) I have, there's two buttons and a switch. The flashlight button always works. For the stun gun to work, you have to switch it on which prevents the accidental discharge.


Got one of these the last go-around. It is well worth the money, and the taser sounds scary as hell.. lol. It is definitely powerful. The flashlight is decent for around the house/yard at night, and the AC recharging feature is great.


Don't tase me bro! Don't tase me!

Don't blind me bro! Don't blind me!