dealshobby lobby - 40% off one regular price item…


I have seen this store but never been in. Thought about going with this sweet coupon, until I went to their website and was greeted by Jesus babble. Why do some companies think it's a good idea to be so openly religious? This is not about repression, it's about "Shut up, I don't want to be indoctrinated."


Henderer..I generally agree with your message but also subscribe to live and let live philosophy--they are held by a private company and if one dislikes their promotion..they need not patronize the store.

What is perhaps of more important concern based on my experience shopping at HL a couple dozen times is that they tend to set truly ridiculous 'MSRP' or 'Original' price points across nearly their entire product offerings which are then accompanied by massive % discounts tags (90% is not uncommon).
This said, HL can be good source for craft type items or if you'r a DIY'r.

Can you get good deals, yes. Should you be enticed by the differential between original vs. discounted price as a criteria to establish if something is a good value, NO--simply employ common sense.

Btw, these % off coupons are regularly available in their flyers and online. Again, keep in mind, they are valid for 'Regular Priced Items"..


I actually appreciate them standing up for their beliefs. Their coupons are a weekly thing and I see their 40% coupon on a regular basis. The problem is, their profit margins are so high that 40% really doesn't affect their bottom line, so you think you're getting a great deal but you're really paying regular price for it.


The 40% off coupon runs every week. The only thing that differs is the promo code & the dates.


It is my understanding there is no need to take a printed coupon, they will take if from your cell phone.


The coupons don't run every week, but they do run about every other week. Sometimes every third week.

For many items, their regular prices are in line with Michaels, Jo Ann and other places, which makes the 40% off coupon best if you're getting a higher dollar ($10+) item.


@henderer: Inside the store, the religion is mostly kept to the front where all the impulse-buy items are kept.


I once went on a Sunday and found it closed with this sign in the front stating something somolar to them being closed so their employees could praise the lord, not those exact words, but that message, I found it interesting and odd, never saw something like that