dealsorganic natural raw almonds - buy 2 get 3=total 5…


Comes out to over $10 a pound. Perhaps they are magic almonds?


@skepticaljohn: Hi there skepticaljohn, I get another comment from you! I would hope they are, I tend to think of almonds as magical, myself.

I really do think that the prices are out of this world for all nuts these days, especially the organic ones. When I do the math, I see that these 40 ounces are indeed 2.5 pounds. Imagine what the bill comes to when there's no special sale, and someone (who can afford it, of course) spends thirteen dollars on half a pound of almonds? Standard roasted almonds are much cheaper but not cheap. These are like magic almonds, because they are raw. The first time I learned about almonds, people talked of them like they were.....magic. Maybe they are :)


It's 2.5lbs total for $25, 8oz cans