deals$50 macy's gift card with chevy test drive


If you can't make it out to a test drive, you can validate yourself. No guarantees on that though

Go to
Find your dealerships BAC from
And then just look up the dealerships website to find a Sales Rep's name


There are very few salesmen in the world that are more aggressive than car salesmen. If you give out your personal information for this promotion, you should 100% expect to be called, probably multiple times at all times of the day. I still get calls from when we were looking for our last car three years ago.


"This email is not in the database and therefore can't be used..." is the response given when using one of my throwaway email addresses. Gotta do the test drive if you want the deal.

From the main page: "Any consumer use of this form will void your participation in the program. " So I guess I'm ineligible even if I took a test drive (very unlikely) But just a heads up for anyone hoping to score a gift card.


@ciabelle: You need to pick 1 to 3 months when you answer the question on when you are looking to get a new car. Otherwise your email will not be added to the list. Once you do that, it will work fine.


Just went and did a test drive and had the sales rep try to enter the form. Turns out, is blocked by their firewall.

Nice right?