dealsfar cry 3: xbox 360 for $34.99


@segafanalways: it's far from a conspiracy. It's real life! Sorry you've never held a job and seen these things or been lied to by corporate charlatans, but I have. You have no idea how foolish you are looking. Really and truly.


I have also been gaming since the the NES/ Master System days, in fact I still play those systems from time to time. I'm not going to spend my time arguing with someone who has no idea what they are talking about and thinks everything is a conspiracy. Go back to playing Angry Birds with your tin foil hat before the "rich" gaming industry tries to come an take all of you money...


I was around back in the NES days. Games were selling for 70 US dude. They were not 45.


@segafanalways: you do realize that you are regurgitating the video game industry propaganda? This lie has been told by scores of businessmen, that they are barely earning a living, they're not getting rich, blah blah blah. Go to their mansions, see how many times they vacation a month, see what they eat, how they live, before coming on here with that junk. I've heard all the lies. They're not poor. None of them are. Being a programmer itself isn't easy. They get paid very well. The other guys are millionaires and billionaires. If this weren't very profitable, why would Microsoft and Sony, two of the world's biggest companies, want to get into the business? You are extremely naive. Btw, google Hollywood accounting, it's an eye opener.


@samjung23: Really, that is your only come back....Get off your high horse. Very few people who actually make the video games make tons of money. The people who make the money are usually the people who have come up with the initial concept for the game, the owner of the developing company (rarely) and the Publisher (Activision/EA). The people writing the code, code, marketing, and many other people in the process do get decent wages, for the most part but are not even close to millionaires. Do some research before you start spouting off trash comments. And after inflation games today are cheaper than they were in the past after inflation "Not only were the systems more expensive back then but the games cost more too. When the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was released in 1985, games cost anywhere from $29 to $45. This means that these games would run for $64 to $95 nowadays."


@segafanalways: Oh, so I'm not credible because I play games for the challenge, and not for stupid cutscenes and expensive voice actors? This is rich!!! I'm sorry, the people that make these games are usually making six-figures or are multi-millionaires. If you want me to pay $60 under the impression that they need this money, you're naive and foolish. Don't worry, when I was younger, I used to think like you too. Make all your nasty comments online and feel smug about it. If you are working for a game company, kudos to you. If you aren't, I feel sorry for you. I really do.


@samjung23: Not that you sounded credible anyway but you lost any hope of credibility by mentioning Angry Birds in your argument. Go a head and wait and buy games when they are under $20 that way REAL gamers don't have to deal with you while playing the game online.

Some games are definitely not worth the $60 but many of the big budget games deserve our $60 due to the effort and quality they put into the games. Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3, and Borderlands 2 are just a few of those titles that offer almost unlimited hours of fun and creativity. Well worth $60 in my opinion.


@craig234, wow, that is such a bogus argument. Do you work for a game company? Sounds like it. Explain, first of all, why console games are usually always $10 more expensive, for starters? Are console games more artistic? Secondly, I don't believe there's a correlation between price and quality, "artistic" games. I got Angry Birds for $2 a version last Christmas, and it's better than many games I've ever played on a console. Get real.


Artistic products rely on some people paying a higher price - or they go down in quality.

As TV loses ad viewers to DVR's, budgets go down and we get more 'reality tv'.

A game maker can have one budget and a higher quality game and sell it for $60, or a lower budget and lower quality game - worse graphics, worse writing, etc. - and sell it for $20.

Of course games always go down in price later, but if you want high quality ones, pay what they're worth if you can. Or we'll get Big Game Hunter 41 instead of this one.


@cornellbigred: SAME HERE! I used to buy all my games new when they were $40-50. $60 is a ripoff. I'd buy more games if they were $20. I refuse to believe games need to cost $60. Cut out all the voice actors and cut scenes, and they would save a ton of cash.


awesome game! go hunt and skin animals before you get too far into the missions!


I really want this but my rule is to not pay over $20 for a game... I know, lame


This is a great game. Anyone on the fence about buying this should pull the trigger. I've owned all three games and this one is by far the best IMO.


ive been kicking myself since i didnt pick up this game for 29.99 on the steam holiday sale... might have to pick this up tonight.


I didn't care to much for the first game and got bored with the second game but I loved this game. This is more than a deal since the game content is well worth the $60 original price.


Far Cry® 3 Deluxe Edition for PC includes the following extra in-game content:

The Monkey Business Pack: Meet Hurk and his explosive bomb-carrying monkey in four heart-pounding missions and get two bonus ways to humiliate your friends in multiplayer
The Lost Expeditions: Discover the secrets of the island’s lost World War II ruins in two suspenseful action missions, and unlock the power of a shotgun in a one-handed flare gun in multiplayer.
The Warrior Pack: Strike fear in your enemies with an exclusive dagger and get an early unlock of the tattoo editor in multiplayer.
The Predator Pack: Hunt four ferocious animals with the M-700 Predator Rifle in single-player and silently kill opponents with the unlocked Predator Bow in multiplayer.
Also included:

The Survival Guide artbook (pdf file): Discover unique artwork and insider information to help you survive the insanity of the island.
The game soundtrack


The deluxe version is also $45. Is it worth the extra money? What separates it from the regular version?


Also applies to the PS3 and PC versions. If you're on the fence, don't wait too long, I can see this perhaps not lasting for the full day.


Loved the first Far Cry for PC, but I don't have an X-Box or time anymore to play these games.