dealscraftsman evolv 83 pc. homeowner tool set w/bag…


This is a bad deal. Says free shipping, but then charges shipping when you try to check out. It is only free if you pick it up in the store.


@doodprs: I agree that the free shipping is a bit misleading but in no way is it a 'bad deal'. A $70 value for $40 is a deal in my book. From, 'Free shipping to store! Discount applied on Shipping Page after ship to store selected. Offer ends 31-Dec-2015.'


Not a bad deal as a gift for someone who isn't handy and needs a basic set of tools. My mother-in-law would love this. If they made it in pink it would sell out pronto.

Also, it's got the Craftsman lifetime warranty.

Chances are that the Evolv line won't be around forever and if you need to replace any of this it will be replaced with regular Craftsman hand tools.


Good deal. Sold out online. Must do store pickup now (which is free shipping :))


This is what I get "This item is currently unavailable for store pickup. Limited quantities may be available in your local Sears store."


My order went through with no problem for store pickup....guess it depends on what store you are choosing.


I went to and was able to complete the order, no in-store pickup with $10 shipping. None of the Sears within what I was willing to drive had this available.

It appears Sears owns kmart, hope this helps.


@jackfinished: To clear this up again, as it keeps coming up. KMart bought Sears (and Land's End) and then put them under a holding company that they named Sears (since they now had rights to use the name). This way it looks like it's still Sears, but it's really ALL KMart. This seems to be having the quality and customer service impacts you might expect from such a shift.


The Evolv line is made in china. I know most people dont care but I am a manufacturing engineer. Buy American so I can keep working


Thanks for letting us now that this was made in China. Knowing so will stop me from buying because we definitely need to buy American! Thanks again!


@grejoh02: Can you post a link for an american made version of this? Evolv is doing a real good job of letting me know where to buy their stuff.


Got mine in the mail. Came with everything as advertised, but was a lot smaller than I imagined. "Level" (cheap) was no longer than my palm and the tool bag was about half the size I originally though it was. Guess I should have looked better at the specifications, but still got it all within a day of buying and for a good price in my opinion.