dealsmarvel's the avengers (two-disc blu-ray/dvd combo…


I went and saw this today. AWESOME.


I wonder how long this has until release? Seems like it will be a while..


There's a coupon for $5 off the four-disc edition that also comes with 3-D and digital copy. That one comes out to $29.99 after the coupon. Why not pony up the extra $2?


@turbizzi: Thanks for the info! I also jumped on Finding Nemo 3D with the coupon on that page!


@turbizzi: Awesome. Thank you sir, in for one. Great movie!


Great movie, but I refuse to pay even $20 for a single movie - even this one. $28 is out of the question. I'll wait 'til it's $10 or under. >_>


@turbizzi: Why pony up the extra money if you will never watch the 3D version and have no interest in the digital copy?


@proxgotsthafia: that's my reasoning also. I don't like the 3-D thing and certainly wouldn't spend the cash on the necessary equipment for viewing at home. and digital copies are a joke and a headache. No thanks.


@starbob: Certainly on the shelves in time for Christmas, wouldn't you think?


@pikabud: Thank you for the Finding Nemo tip... I have been waiting for that to come out on Blu-Ray for years...

Even though I don't have 3-D or anything like that... its still worth the coupons and the prices for the extra goodies.


@jwscws09: You do understand that a Standard 480p movie looks the same with or without a blue ray version right?


@bayjacob: What are you talking about here? I'm not familiar with any studio-issued Blu-rays which contain a main feature in anything less than 720p. Blu-ray versions of "older" films are (nearly) always remastered from the source material, which is very easy to do with a CG movie.