deals20% off sitewide + free shipping


Surprised this has such a wide selection of size 8.5 4E shoes...and the coupon works on all the shoes I put in my basket!


Worked great for me as well! Saved a bunch, Thanks!


I scored a pair of Timberland slip-ons, that I could only find for +$70 elsewhere, for $26 (yay free shipping)!


Yo Woot - homeless guy jokes? Why you gotta go that way with the writeup?

Looks like a good deal, though.


I gots me some new shoes to put in my shopping cart! Will work for new shoes! Great deal!


@beaglebrains: oh boohoo.

I'm betting you ran off and told your mom anytime an innocent joke was made at your lunch table. Bullying is one thing, but making an innocent joke about the homeless? Get over yourself.


as for the deal itself, maybe I'm not looking for the right shoes but every pair of shoes that I've wanted has been at least $30-40 more here than anywhere else.

I'm not gonna downvote it though since it looks like other people did find some deals.


I have to agree on the pricing. A basic Sperry Top-Sider is at least 30-40 dollars higher than just the local store. Even with the 20% discount, it's no deal. I've found them many times on-line in the $50 range. Just an fyi.