dealscraftsman 21 in. hedge shears for $7.99


What a coincidence! I was just thinking of getting something like this after doing the yard yesterday. Thanks for the deal.


Well that sucks.
I order one to be picked up at my local store.

Then they cancelled my order. They say they will ship it to me for free.

Then when I take that option it says shipping is $6.99. I follow through and it says that it is out of stock on-line.

I guess the good news is that I didn't drive there for nothing, like the last time I bought something from Sears.


Great! My moms 2 pairs both got ruined when someone left them outside. She's been looking for new ones for a couple years now, just never has the money to buy them. I bought her a pair, thanks so much! Let's just hope that the 2 in stock means I'll actually get one :)


@pleonard100: Is it a franchise Sears? I had that problem with one and read somewhere that the franchise Sears stores are infamous for that. Changed stores for in store pickup and havent had a order canceled since.


@desynergy: I don't know. It's a store that's been around for 40 years back when it was Sears Roebuck, way before Kmart bought it.

I ordered in store pickup and it was cancelled for being out of stock.

I just received another email from customer service saying to order again and they would refund the shipping. I guess they can't read or don't bother looking, since they are sold out on-line.