dealsmidwest can company 5 gallon gas can for $9.99


If you're like me you know some folks that need to carry these because they can't seem to read the gas gauge.


these meet the california standards, which means you'll spill more gas than you actually get into your lawnmower/atv/car... I prefer to bootleg the ones with NORMAL spouts from Nevada. Imagine that. Having to commit a crime and smuggle a gas can from another state to get a gas can that works properly.


Fantastic deal!!! there almost 20 bucks here ea, in for 2!! thanks!


a regular car can go 25 miles on 1 gal. This 5 gal can go 125miles. That is more than the electric car with a full charge, which only can do 100 miles. Take it all night to charge to that 100% too.

anyway, I live in city. A gas station every quarter mile. during this Obama time a few already close up shop.


@kamikazeken: This, a million times. I live in TN and all I can find are "Super duper Safety Gas Cans" also.

I even have two different kinds, they both suck.


I have one of these that I won't use anymore because of the stupid safety nozzle. Everyone involved in forcing these poorly design contraptions on the public should be lynched...


Even with the crap nozzle, it's much cheaper than the $20 or more most places charge nowadays for decently sized gas cans. Me, I'm just happy I bought one years ago without the stupid safety nozzle, and when they weren't outrageously priced.


did not have the discount price???


@ttm77: But the cost to fill the battery is significantly less, and the lower range batteries usually have generators to allow you to go further. Cars like the Tesla S however can go quite a bit of distance between charges.


@smorloc: thank the CARB (California Airquality Resource Board)
Since CA is such a huge market, manufacturers simply design stuff to meet the standards here. You poor slobs in other states get stuck with same crap we do. You can actually be ticketed and fined for just OWNING a non-compliant gas can here in this damn banana republic...