dealsbeats urbeats by dr dre for $84.99


Feel free to check us (expansys) out on reseller These units are not fraudulent by any means. You can contact me directly if you have any further questions or worries about this stock at


I appreciate your followup, however if you look at the thread linked, you'll see where the head of THAT company said nearly the same thing. In fact, they even went as far as to ship a legitimate pair to Woot to extend the scam.

Since you insisted that they were real, I went ahead and contacted the Beat's folks. I'm sure they will be in contact with your company to ensure the product's authenticity.


No worries. If you were familiar with EXPANSYS then this wouldn't have become a concern. But we know that there have been a lot of people being scammed on all Beats products, so we understand the warning.


@expansys: From Beats Customer Support (snipped for clarity):

"Thank you for contacting Beats by Dre Support with your questions regarding authorized retailers.

My name is Brandi and I'll be assisting you today.

The website / retailer you provided is not authorized to sell Beats by Dre products."

... and

"We appreciate you bringing this website to our attention.

The information that you have provided will be forward to the appropriate Beats by Dre department for further investigation. "


@expansys: It looks like it took a few months, but Beats seems to have caught up to you. Did you want to continue to profess innocence?


@oldcqr: We are currently out of stock on the urbeats, but we still have a couple other models available and in stock.