dealsfenix tk11 r5 258-lumen cree led flashlight for…


I own a fenix light and love it. This seems like an amazing deal. I dont own one of these exact models but can vouch for build quality of fenix lights. my fenix uses two AA batteries. This uses either expensive 123's or a 18650. I have another flashlight that uses 18650's and have rechargeable's and charger for them. I also have a surefire that uses 123's, go with rechargeable batteries whenever possible.


I've used this model as my daily flashlight for work and DO NOT recommend it. I've used a couple of them and, while pretty bright, they don't always stay on. Often, they will flicker. It's a build quality issue. You can twist the cap to select between two brightness levels, but you often do it accidentally. Build quality on Fenix lights is generally good and reliable, just have issues with the TK-11.

I've replaced mine with the much better TK-15. This has a button that allows 4 brightness options and is much more reliable. Also, use rechargeable batteries!!! They last a long time (my work uses 2600mAh Tenergy 18650 @ 3.7V). I think the batteries and charger might have been ordered through either Fenix or Surefire.


I don't have experience with this particular flashlight, but there are plenty of cheaper options out there with similar spec lights. Be careful with rechargeable batteries- just because your flashlight can take 123's (ie Surefire), doesn't mean it can take the slightly larger rechargeable version 16340. The 16340 runs at 3.7V, and when you run more than one they can overpower a light built for the lower voltage 123 (3.0V). I like lights built to take the 18650 if you have that option. There are plenty out there, but get the "protected" version with the built-in cut-off circuit. You can get a pair of good quality batteries and a good charger for ~$15 if you look around.