dealsanother flash sale!! cameras. (pre-owned) for $12…

vote-for6vote-against - Lists all the products available for the flash sale.


@rlhh: Love your cowboomer! It does not list ALL available for the whole sale, though (I think). There will be more and more added I believe (see the higher end ones that will pop up 18 hours from now).


@morriea: It should technically list all that's currently available. Once someone adds it to cart / product becomes inactive for > 5 minutes, it'll disappear from the current tab, you'll still be able to see it in the 'today' tab.


@rlhh: I think I have it. The ones later are just not "technically available" yet. There should be some selling for up to $499.99 but those will be available later. I really like the site and have used it since it was posted here. I have grabbed a couple items that went past too quickly in previous sales.