dealsitunes $60 multi-pack - 4/$15 gift cards for $49…


Whoa I'm so excited to save a whole 12 cents


@dtairtime: I am confused. It is a $60 pack for $49.88. That looks like a savings of $10.12. How do you figure that you only save 12¢?


@colonelpuffpuff: You beat me to it! Better crunch the numbers again @dtairtime!


Free shipping costs $10 apparently


"Shop as a guest (10% surcharge)"

You need to be a Sams Club member to get the full deal :(


If you order on you can use a coupon code to get 15% off:

15% off
iTunes pre-paid card
Enter code TGFHJVZ8
to redeem at

And if you use your Target Red Card you get an additional 5% off and free shipping.


@jeremysgirl87: Thanks!!

You should really post this as its own deal. Good deal!


Thanks for the Target deal. I am not a Sams member and that was a decent deal. 15% off. Free shipping if two. Otherwise $1.95 or something.


Good source for a lower dollar amount, but not as much savings as the deal Best Buy has for $$100 iTunes cards for $80. You can only order one per transaction, but it let me complete separate transactions with no problems. Also, if you have trouble with the link, just go to, and search for iTunes. You'll see the $100 iTunes card listed for $80.