dealssamsung 840 mz-7td250kw 2.5" 250gb sata iiiā€¦


I purchased a new DELL XPS 8500 that came with a 256GB SSD. But when I transferred my files from my old computer to the new (which also has a 2TB hard drive), my SSD was almost full.

If you are buying one of these drives for a boot drive, which is what they are perfect for, have a look at your current C: drive to make sure that you are going to have enough room on the new drive. Most users will probably be fine, but I was left with about 35GB free which was not going to give me much room to expand.


Anyone who is seriously considering a Samsung SSD should look into the 830 or 840 Pro Series. The regular 840 series are a great deal, but they're made with TLC memory instead of MLC.

What that means to the 840 Series is significantly reduced write speeds, and a shorter drive life span.

If all you care about is getting the biggest drive size for your buck, this is your guy. Anyone who is looking for higher performance should look elsewhere.


I bought one of these at Tiger Direct.........better deal here!!