dealsmonarch hardwood designer pool cue for $19.00


The problem with buying pure hardwood cues without handling them is that you can't be sure they will be perfectly straight. If it's for guests that couldn't play pool if their life depended on it, this is fine. But for someone looking for good performance, I would steer clear of this.

As this seller's return policy is written, they may not accept a warped cue stick as a return since you could argue that the item still works.

If you are considering this item, I would instead recommend going to Wal*Mart and hand choosing a half-decent stick, or ordering from "Ships from and sold by" for easy returns.

" does not normally accept returns. However, in the case of defective merchandise, notify us by email using the form on our Contact page within 21 days of delivery for a working exchange. If the item works, but the packaging is damaged, we do not accept returns..."

Search Amazon for "Trademark Monarch Hardwood Designer Pool Cue" to see reviews.


Piece of crap. Screw on tips are junk. Buy a real cue and get something that will last for years instead of a month. Go to Ebay and look for Dale Perry cues. You can purchase an exceptional cue for about $100 that will last a lifetime and is actually worth in the $400 range!