dealsbejeweled 2: appstore for android for $0.00


Woo hoo! Commence procrastination...

...(downloading. downloading. downloading. Done! Go 4G!)...



I was excited and just about to post this deal too and then I finished downloading it over WiFi (required). Man, the permissions list on this is freaking ridiculous. Why would this app need to send SMS?

I uninstalled it, didn't even bother trying it out. Read on Amazon that it's also an old version and doesn't work with tablets. RIP PopCap RIP.

Version: 0.0.24

Read only access to phone state.
Send SMS messages.
Open network sockets.
Write to external storage.
Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Access the vibration feature.
Access information about networks.
PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.


Why does it show free but when I got to pay for the free item, it reverts back to $2.99?


@sykotek: What problems are you having on your tablet?

I just played a game on my rooted Nook Color just fine.


don't be hatin!

I downloaded it on my htc sensation with no problems. played fine. Love me some Popcap


I am utterly saddified that it says it won't run on my Asus Transformer.

How can this thing not be compatible?



Works on HP Touchpad-Cyanogen Mod 7


I've got the "blitz" version on my iPod Touch. I can see that wanting a bunch of access, but I don't really want an app besides my messaging app to be sending SMS...might skip installing this later.


I also was going to install this but stopped when I saw the absurd permissions.

Totally ridiculous.

Sidenote, I am getting really sick of the amazon app store. The free apps are of course reall neat, but it is really annoying how there is no way(as far as I can tell) to permanently delete apps or turn off update checking.


@portezbie: you can delete the games. they just stay in your history becuase they are technically "purchased"


@quikslvr422: Even when they don't work on your device you can't get rid of 'em... they just say "ready to install".

Contacted AZ twice and got "you can't do that...."