dealscelebrate earth day, caribou coffee for $0.00


The Starbucks link is from 2011. Is this offer valid this year?


@fenwicked: Can't find any indication online that it's happening this year. Should this deal be tattled?


i would like this deal more if i knew i could get some free coffee


I apologize about the mistake, Starbucks is not officially participating in this event. Several sites were erroneously reporting free coffee today: ie.,,,, but have since either deleted or corrected the info. According to the examiner it is officially in san Francisco and several commenters report its in Canada…

Your local starbucks may honor the free drink, but they are not obligated to.
Caribou is for sure honoring it.
Thanks @Fenwicked for pointing this out.


I can just confirm again that Starbucks is not participating in this event. I called the one nearest me and they said they knew what I was talking about from previous years but that they didn't get any memo about this year's promotion.


My Starbucks is giving free coffee or tea if you bring in your tumbler due to the overwhelming # of people coming in thinking the Starbacks 2011 deal is for this year. Manager said it is Canada only that was supposed to do it for 2012. Shame on Starbucks for not removing the old deal on their site.