dealsfalling skies: 1st season [dvd] for $19.75


This show is HORRIBLE. 'nuff said


Great price....
Waiting for the next episode tonight...


@hobbitss: Me, too! I am enjoying this show a lot!


I have mixed feelings about the show.

Pros: The concept is great. It's generally well produced. The overall world, story arc, etc. seem well thought out and put together.

Cons: Not so great acting. Pacing is problematic. Only ten episodes per season.

The pacing is perhaps the worst part, coupled with the fact that there's only ten episodes per season.

For instance, season one reveals a lot about the aliens in the first episode. This is to be expected. But until episode six or seven, virtually nothing happens. It's like they could have cut the first season down to four episodes and it would have been fine.

The last couple episodes of season 1 and first couple of season 2 seem to have fixed the pacing issues. But the show can still be a bit hit or miss. Still if you're a hardcore sci-fi fan, it's worth checking out.


This show had a lot of promise after Season 1 - and Season 2 has stepped it up a notch, especially in the past few episodes.

It's a damn good show, we need more like this and less housewives of Wyoming or whatever they're on to now.


Love this show, so tired of "reality" shows, which seem to be taking over the networks. Give me some sci-fi anyday!


I love this show. I bought season 1 on BR right before season 2 started so that I could catch up (missed it on TV last year). I look forward to the new episode every week.