dealssuper bright 15 led storm / hurricane lantern…


how long exactly is this 10x longer? and how bright & dim is it? fail to state such simple info means this is junk.

it name say hurricane but it fail to say if it's even water proof.


bought 2, got free shipping (says 1st 30 orders get free shipping, not sure if I was that quick with the deal)


I've been wanting one of these ever since I saw the commercial on tv. I actually have the coleman lanterns (which are great) for around the housse, but I wanted something I could keep in the bathroom and this should be enough light for in there. And since my power seems to go out every time the wind blows, I bought 1, also got free shipping. Not sure if the "free shipping to the first 30 orders" is a gimmick or actual. I'm pretty sure I was not one of the first 30 orders though.


Nothings waterproof, not even the battery compartment, water, moisture and bugs can get in everywhere.


@ttm77: I think they call it "Hurricane" because aren't the olde timey oil lanterns, which this lantern is the same shape as, called hurricane lanterns too?
I think it's because of the shape. I've been known to be wrong though.....a lot! :)


Thank you I am in for two! Great price and I also didnt have to pay for shipping.


@dasclown: Yup. From down here on the hurricane-ridden Gulf Coast I agree that "hurricane lantern" refers to the style/appearance, not to anything else. Good deal! And great idea to keep one in the bathrooms. Someone always seems to be in there when the power goes out, and it's usually me!