deals$10 off $75 or $20 off $150


I love when the shoes in the picture are no where to easily be found on the site.


Worst online shopping experience I have ever had! I bought shoes online and when they finally arrived they were two different sizes! I took them back to a local store who told me to come back in a few days to pick up the right size....only when I called to check to see if they were in they had no idea what I was talking about and the manager was a total ass. I just returned them and got my money back...except they would not refund the shipping charge. Will never buy from FL ever again.


I have had nothing but great experiences at Finishline but this deal is not great. You can usually get $10 off $60 or $20 off $100

I bought a $150+ pair of shoes for $80 and the sole was was peeling a little so I took them in and the manager returned them no problem. Only issue was I they didn't have any left in the same color so he let me pick another color or was willing to give me in store credit.