dealsorganic candy canes - 10 piece(s) for $2.49


@aspiringarchitect: It's the valentines cane, perfect for hooking your honey.


I love organic junk food. Or rather, I love it when other people buy organic junk food. Last time I went to whole paycheck, I stood in line behind a big lady with a basket loaded up with organic soda, chips, white bread, mayonnaise, hamburgers, and other equally delicious stuff. Silly woman. The pesticides won't have a chance to kill you before a stroke or diabeetus does.


@robertsey: It's hard to go off sugar and sweets when they're so good and so easy to eat. I love the holidays but last year they nearly killed me. Luckily I found a supplement powder called metagenics adreset that I add to water. It saved my life. You should tell your friend in the grocery store to check out if you see her again.