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I looked for three blu ray sets on this site. All three were advertised as low priced used versions. You save about $5 on each set, according to the list price. All three were out of stock. No problem, they sell them new too. However the new sets are priced at two times the list price. This site sucks!


to me go hastings is not the place i go to find the low price on a specific item. Typically if you want just a specific popular item they will be beat by amazon or ebay. I go there when i know that i want a few books to read but i have no idea what i want. If i am just browsing i know i will get a great deal there.

So if you want season 1 of game of thrones.... go to amazon.
If you want a few really cheap DVDs, but do not really have one it mind...

I also wanted to add that they regularly have 30-40% off used items, so this really is not that great of a deal considering what they typically run


Go hastings is awesome for used CD's and books. It's not so great for used blu-rays and dvd's though sometimes you will find a deal.


OK, so I spotted a video game on for $19.99, but thought I could do better on eBay, so I looked for it there and, sure enough, I found it for $11.83, and the eBay seller was... GoHastings!!

So, to sum up, they're selling the exact same "used" video game on their website for $20 and on eBay for $12!?! Weird.


A good place to pick up a few pretty cheap used books with 96-cent shipping. The books I've gotten on the past have always been in very good condition.


Last time they had a 30-40% off used items sale going I bought about $500-600 worth of trade paperbacks/graphic novels, DVDs, and books that I'd been wanting to get for a while, but hadn't gotten around to. It cost me a little over $150 and all of the used items were in VERY good condition.

Since I got such a good deal out of them last time, I figured I owed them a quick comment.