dealslenovo g580 laptop w/ intel b980,15.6" screen…


Decent laptop, Decent price.
Specs make this laptop excellent for general function in the workplace. Note, though, that it does not have a dedicated graphics card. Along with other specs, this computer is not made for gaming. It can probably run most newer games, but you will have to turn most of them down pretty low to get a good framerate.
I own a Y580 (The gaming version), and I love it. The case is very nice and clean-looking. The top is metal, but the rest of the body is plastic. They have reinforced the plastic, though, so it doesn't feel like some cheap body on the computer. The keyboard is very easy to type on, and (if like my model) is back-lit, making it easy to use, even in the dark. If you want to upgrade your hard drive or RAM later, their design makes it extremely easy to pull those parts out and replace them. My only disappointment with mine was that it came pre-formatted with windows 8, but that's an easier fix than hardware.


Just incase you were curious, most of the reviews I found were for the i5 processor version of this laptop.

This is a B980.

I'm sure it's still fine, but it's no i5.


Dead link as of 11:15 AM EST.


OP here. Weird about that link going dead. This seems to be the same machine at the same price: