dealscraftsman 16-pc. screwdriver set for $16.49


Note - No in store pick up within 50 miles of Pittsburgh. That seems odd, unless it's truly online only...


@statictrance: In store pick up available here in the Mobile AL area. Maybe the Pittsburgh area ran out?


Not available within 50m of Atlanta.


Bummer, none within 50 miles of Jax, FL. I have 6 out of my 16 pc. my parents bought me in 1997.


Hurry up and buy these while they are still made in USA. Sears is quickly moving their hand tool production - including Craftsman hand tools - to China and Taiwan. Many of their sockets and ratchets in particular have gone overseas and the screwdrivers won't be far behind.


@lparsons42: So you're saying Sears is screwing us over? What, is their CEO a tool? I've always preferred Binford anyway.


wonder who is going to buy the craftsman brand when sears/kmart finally realise they are already dead and close the doors.

And wonder if "lifetime replacement" will be the sad shelflife of Sears or still be covered when someone buys the brand from them.

edit: of course the deal is dead...sears/kmart deals don't belong on woot deals since they are over in hours.