deals16gb samsung micro sd memory card - adapter…


I ordered one of these (class 4) at Thanksgiving from the same outfit-and despite the ad-no adapter included in the package. Several others complained about the same thing.


So what is the difference in class 2 and others , which is the best class ?


I ordered two of these when it was available previously, and as previously noted they came without adapters. Also, I ordered a 16GB Sandisk View MP3 player and another one of these SDHC chips. The chip has arrived but the MP3 player has yet to make an appearannce. They have not responded to my email query yet. I am still holding out hope that it is only delayed in the Snail Mail (which is how BeDeals ships apparently.)


@fastash The class is supposed to be the speed of the chip. The higher the class, the faster the read/write speeds. The number GENERALLY is pretty straightforward - Class 2 = 2MB/sec, Class 8 = 8MB/sec. Class 10 is the best (that I'm aware of).

vote-for3vote-against Now they're offering a class 4 for the same price after I bought a class 2!


these are garbage.
just had the oem samsung 16gb class 2 micro sd card that shipped with my motorola droid x fail. lost everything. spend your money on something else.


a month later and I have still not seen my order from them