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A nice collection of titles, but previewing the live versions of two of my favorites left me missing the album versions.


@nedreck: Thanks for pointing that out. Substituting the live version for the studio version on a greatest hits album is a huge pet peeve of mine. Unless it's an unusual circumstance where a song never gets recorded in studio (Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles) or an epic performance that is as well known as the studio version a la Frampton, don't make the switch. It's a greatest hits album; give the masses what was the hit, the studio version. If you want to include a live version as well go for it but please don't replace it. In all my years of listening to Classic Rock I can't recall ever hearing a Heart song live.


Free shipping on MP3 downloads?! WHAT A BARGAIN!!!


@looknorth: Thanks for your input...I was afraid I would get downvoted like crazy for my statement. I have to agree with you...I'm in my early fifties so I know what classic rock should sound like, and Heart live isn't one of those sounds. Did you listen to the samples? :::shudder::: Now, give me "Freebird" live and we're talkin' classic rock!


Glad you mentioned live versions. I don't like them either. yuk.


@idontkn1: I agree with everything you said, but I wanted to point out one exception. I believe "Cook with Fire" is a Heart song that was only released as a live version. If you've never heard it you should check it out. It's one of my favorites!