deals$20 to for $10.00 + free shipping



What other categories are there?

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This part of the description needs to be bold as it is a major drawback to the deal -

Offer excludes orders comprised of products from Books, Magazines, Music, Movies, Games and Electronics categories as well as items within the Cars, Travel, Insurance and Gold Redemption categories



This promotion only applies toward the purchase of mismatched pillowcases (purple/lavender/periwinkle sets only.) All the other categories, with actual stuff in them, are not valid.


So you can only use it for clothing, furniture, appliances, cookware, home decor, bedding, tools, jewelry, watches, perfumes & colognes, sporting goods, exercise equipment, luggage, health & beauty items, flowers, gourmet foods, office supplies, musical instruments, toys and crafting supplies.

You're right, that's wayyyyyy too limiting.


I used it last time they had this offer. I got some pillows I had been eyeballing. Also they have Overstock now has 15% off area rugs right now. if you shop there this is a good deal. And if you end up not using it you can get your money back.


I think the header on this deal needs to be clarified, as i thought the coupon included free shipping from The free shipping box really should not be checked as it is misleading. The web site does say free shipping on your first order, so if you are a new customer you can get free shipping.


The downside, if this is like the one I got a few weeks back, is that you'll have to wait until the offer ends before you receive your coupon. That's fine for a random purchase, not fine if you absolutely need something.


what do you guys tend to look at Overstock to buy? just wondering what i should look for on there for good deals.


careful with this offer guys!
I bought this the first time google offered it but could not use it so lost $10. Lot of problems; could not find the items this crap applies to, it just randomly deducts a dollar or two from your purchases, once u apply the code at the over-stock(but not use it) next time you log in it disappears, try to apply it again it says already used!.


I got this the last time it was offered and purchased a lovely duvet and cover that I'm very, very happy with.


Um...who buys ANYTHING on Over(priced)stock? I have constantly found much cheaper prices elsewhere on anything I looked at...even with shipping higher than theirs...Google is your friend, my friends... :)


so how do you get free shipping?


Expired. Just checked today, 4/14/12.