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Not a bad deal, but not an outrageously great deal, either. The phone is nice, offers a slide-out keyboard for text messaging. The Internet capabilities are limited to a WAP Internet browser and weather app. You won't need the $50 unlimited plan because your data is going to be all low bandwidth. Overall, it's a solid, basic "candy bar" phone. The plans themselves are in-line with other pay-as-you-go providers, flat rate $40/mo for unlimited talk, text and web data. You might be able to do better, but at this price level you'll have to do a lot of work searching for it.


never used the phone, and not sure about the company, but i've never heard of a prepaid company giving away a free phone


not a great phone but definitely worth "free". memory on it sucks and the buttons are really tiny on the slide out keypad. I added a memory chip and I'm still constantly having to delete messages and pics so I can send (email) pics. PlatinumTel, however, is great. never had a problem with customer service or talking to a live person. I got the pay as you go or whatever it's called instead of the unlimited and I've been working on the same $47 worth of airtime for almost 2 and a half months. I was originally getting this phone for my 15yo son but he made me mad around the same time my phone died so I kept it for myself. When he had a PTel phone, he only used up about $10 every 2 months.


The $40/month unlimited plan is good, but if you don't call very much and just want data and texting, check out T-mobile's $30/month plan. You get unlimited data (5gb at 4G speeds), unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of anytime. If you already have a phone, or even if you buy an unlocked/tmobile phone for cheap, the savings add up very quickly.


Even better if you don't use you phone a lot is the Real PayGo plan from ptel.

Cheapest air time ins $10 for 60 days.
You use the $10 as credit with the following rates.

5 cents per minute
2 cents per text
10 cents per MB
2 cents per text
2 cents per MMS
50 cents 411

Just grab a nice used t-mobile smartphone off ebay and throw a ptel sim in there.
I've been using it for a few months now and my usage puts me around 5-20 bucks a month.
Do some math with those rates and see what you might come up with.

Top this off with using google voice (with grooveip app) for free voip calls to US / Canada and texting when on wifi and it gets even better.


@kamnet: 40/mo isn't really a pay-as-you-go plan. It's a monthly contract in a way... See the Real PayGo plan from ptel for a pay as you go plan. It is by far the cheapest pay as you go plan around... by a decent amount. See my previous comment for rates.

If you are looking for a monthly plan then Virgin Mobile is 35/mo for 300 minutes with unlimited data and texts... you get throttled after 2.5 gb. It's on the Sprint network.


@th3madhatter: I didn't say that it was a PAYG plan, I said it was from a PAYG provider. I don't see why you brought up the other plans, though, since they're not valid with this offer, and you're not getting this phone for free with those other plans.


@kamnet: This phone is valid with the Real PayGo plan.
After your first month you can switch to it.

Also, a deal is only a deal if it's better than other things out there.
Having comparisons gives people an idea of how good a deal really is.

Yet another comp...
$1 sim on ebay
~$20-$30 for a cheap qwerty phone.
$10 for the Real PayGo plan.
= Same price


@th3madhatter: The point of posting, " You might be able to do better, but at this price level you'll have to do a lot of work searching for it." was so that people could see that they would have to work hard to find a better offer.

You post a solution that involves making TWO different purchases from eBay or someplace else, then having to sign up for a plan, in order to get something that isn't even better, but the same price. Just more of a hassle.

Thank you for validating my point. SMH


@th3madhatter: I need to learn how to do that last part. I'mma find myself a nice used smartphone on eBay next week.


I bought this deal the last time it came up on Woot. The phone was different, and was very basic. I never got to use it because ptel couldn't get my number ported. Their porting support line never called me back, so I had to do everything through email. Their email support for porting was horrible. Long delays with no updates. No information about why the port wasn't happening/was taking so long. Didn't contact me when they said that they would. On the plus side, they sent me a prepaid label to return the phone and then refunded everything but the SIM. Just beware if you're planning on moving a number over.


@wthomp: really? I had no problems getting my number ported. they said allow up to 3 days (or something like that) and it took about 3 hours.