dealsstar wars mugs gift set for $4.48


Shipping is free for some under wal mart's home free promotion.


I believe if you spend over $50 shipping is free. I just bought the mugs but shipping was only 97 cents.


Their dimensions imply half-giant-ness. In for a set!


I don't like that you can't choose which set to buy.

Still, you're going to be the "mug" if you don't use this deal.


Looks to me like it's showing the front and back (as it were) of each mug, not two different sets. In for one, for sure!


A fantastic deal, however mine arrived WITHOUT that awesome pile of sand shown in the photograph... Unfortunate too, since the handful of sand was the deal-breaker for me... And after the company went through the trouble to center the small pile of sand perfectly between the 2 mugs and then photograph it all together, showing what is actually in the box... I wonder why they didn't include it... Maybe they felt that a small pile of sand did not need to be listed as a selling-feature of the mug-set, but would very much help sales if it were included in the photograph as if it were part of the set.


@sunheart: That pile of sand is actually hot cocoa mix. It is included in the box. You could dump it out into a pile on the table and have it sit between the mugs as pictured, or you could make delicious hot cocoa and enjoy.


I am so glad my wife won't see this. I have phasers, I have communicators, I have tricorders. I have at least one of every ship called Enterprise from sailing vessels to NCC-1701E, multiples of some especially 1701 no bloody A, B, etc.. I've got a Spock whiskey bottle frechristssake.

And yet every, FRAKKING, Christmas, I get something with Darth Vader on it. (This year it was a cute little stuffed thing with a Santa hat on his helmet.)

Ya wanna know why? "They're pretty much the same aren't they?" ARRRRrrrgh!!!!!!

Where is a "hang you head in dejection" emoticon when you need one.


I was actually eyeing this set while looking for gift ideas this Christmas. I have 2 friends that are huge Star Wars fans. Unfortunately they wouldn't have arrived in time, so I didn't go for them. This is a great deal, so I'm definitely buying them and tucking them away for next Christmas :D


Anyone know how this does in the microwave? Is it one of those types of mugs that get super hot in the microwave?


@jrunri: I believe that most things get hot in the microwave.


@zyklonman: Yes, but in my experience certain stoneware and ceramics will get much, much hotter in the microwave than others. I find this especially true with ones that aren't explicitly labeled "microwave safe". Even with some "microwave safe" mugs I've found the handles get hot enough to burn skin while the contents were barely warm :( ...but it doesn't have to be this way; I've had mugs that had handles that didn't even get warm while the contents are boiling hot.