dealssummer 2014 new trend - your first pair free…


do not buy this company is up pricing scammer. You will place order and they will not send. But will bomb your email with discount offers. I just wanted my first deal you offered.

Buyer BEWARE. I have reported them to BB and FTC.


@thunker: And you registered as a Wooter just to warn us of this?


Thanks VERY much for the warnings!!


Shoot, and I just ordered a pair of glasses.... fingers crossed or else I do a return charge or something.


@magic cave: that's what I was thinking. somehow managed to see the deal here, and was thoughtful enough to register for an account.


it's a long story, I am on here daily. I have bought numerous items with no problems until this deal. They went so far as to send emails to me 2 weeks after order stating carrier returned package becuz they could not find my address which is listed correct on order. I traced thru carrier and no records were found of any shipment.