deals$50 itunes card 20% savings for $40.00 + free…


I have been waiting weeks for someone to post an itunes gift card special of at least 20% off. thank you for posting.


This deal comes up every once and a while in the eBay Daily Deals. 20% savings is a great offer if you use itunes a lot. Sometimes the deal is $80 for a $100 itunes card, but this cheaper version probably appeals to a wider audience. About 6,400 sold so far, so looks to be close to soldout.


Bought a bunch of these through this seller- never had a problem. One time they came a few days later than expected, but they sent an email ahead of time letting people know the situation. I'm in for 3.


@shopretaildeals: It appears, from checking, that you are the seller. Is this accurate in any way?


@jnissel: No. The seller on ebay is giftcard mall. I just shop deals and this is one of my personal favorite deals. Now if only they would offer a 40% off itunes card...