dealsswarovski panther sculpture no. 2 for $260,000.00…


I wouldn't pay a penny more than $258,000!

Incidentally, I think the woot rule is that there have to be at least 10 available for sale to be a valid post. Since there are only 5 in existence, I don't see how this qualifies. Just an observation :)


It's a bargain at twice the price!


@bstebick: But has free shipping!


@lll0228: Oh, well I missed that! In for 3!!!!


Wow... Someone has DEEP pockets... Adopt me so I Too can live the lifestyle I'd like to be accustom to...


@bstebick: Well then the limited edition of Helmut Newton Swatch at $10,000 a piece qualifies. There are 100! :)


Is it just me, or is the Swarovski company pushing REALLY hard to make their product anything more than 'those cheap fake diamonds'? It's sad that the price is going up for what even people in the 80s saw as TACKY JUNK, due to marketing and QVC-minded idiots buying the line.

Pretty sure I could get a panther sculpture made (and of better quality than this) as well as a tube of Superglue and some cheap BY THE POUND 'Swarovski crystals' in bulk and just make one of these for about a thousandth the cost, tops.


@talesin: Sure. But you didn't, haven't and probably won't. You do know that execution is 100% of the game, right? :) Vaporware is free, but it also doesn't exist.