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Yeah, I am going to guess that by now Richard Simmons (Milton Teagle Simmons, born July 12, 1948) is one of the oldies.


this guy is so gay he couldn't even drive straight. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Richard Simmons has been keeping it real and sticking to the persona - you have to admire that.

I remember as a young kid in the early 80's watching his day time show during those summer months of no school.


@kbsig106: Where you being punished for something really bad?


I know someone that used to refer to this as "puking to the oldies".


his appearances on David Letterman's show in 80's and 90's were epic... David would often refer to him as "Susan", and Simmons would act as though his feelings were hurt, and then he'd try to hug Dave... all while wearing those nasty shorts...


20th Anniversary Edition? Oh Lord...