dealswalking dead: the game for iphone, ipod touch…


From the description:
"NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, and iPhone 4 and up - WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES"


Awesome, Great show, Great Game! Thanks!


It looks like only Episode 1 is free. I may be wrong as I don't have an iDevice and can't download it. There are 5 episodes.


I haven't looked at the app listing since last week, but I'm guessing it's still the same setup. This (formerly $4.99) app is good for the first episode of the Walking Dead game. There are 5 episodes in total in the story arc. They offer an in app purchase for $15 to get episodes 2-5, or $5 per episode.

I've played through 2 of the episodes so far (except on PS3), and this really is a fantastic game and is worth your time if you enjoy storytelling in games.