dealssave 75% on sid meier's civilization v on steam…


FWIW, reviews of Civ V from regular players seem to say that it isn't as good as some of the older ones. (Check the Amazon Downloadable games sale.) I just grabbed the complete Civ IV off a steam sale the other day so I need to play through that one before I try Civ V.


I bypassed this edition, but at this price, I'm ready. Is this just the Civ V and I need to get the expansions separately? I'm feeling a bit dense today and can't quite get my head around it on the site.


The Civilization 5 game of the year edition comes with all the DLC but Korea and Wonders of the World add-ons, but you could toss another 2-4 dollars to buy those too if you felt obliged. It also doesn't include the expansion Gods and Kings, which adds things like espionage and religions which are prominent in early Civs.

Be warned however, if you haven't upgraded your computer in a couple of years it's going to take a dive in late rounds of games using maps above standard size.

I would say give either the game of the year or straight vanilla edition a try just to see if you like the changes before you make further purchases.


Or get the Amazon bundle:

I got it yesterday, better deal (same price) than steam offers if you are interested in getting steam Civ4 complete thrown in for free, and Stronghold (windows only) on steam as well for free.


Get the Amazon Bundle and don't look back. Civ V with Gods & Kings is loads of fun AND you still get the complete Civ IV if it's not to your liking. I was hesitant on Civ V myself, but I am VERY glad now that I picked up the bundle.