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The specs say the top USB are 2.0 but they seem to actually be 3.0 based on blue color and a quick search of this particular model.


@pilotwillie: The HP site confirms that the top USB ports are USB 3.0. Overall a nice machine with good upgrade potential.


I bought that one back on august 31st. I know it's a completely different model, but I'd just thought that I'd say this:

It arrived last week, finally.
And then died yesterday from a motherboard failure of some sort, completely inoperable, doesn't even go to bios, after a week of normal use.
Gotta send it back to HP now to replace the motherboard :V

It's sad, this is the first refurb and/or cheap deal I've ever had trouble with. I'm just hoping it was a fluke and that the next one fares better. Good luck to those of you that bite, and get the extended warranty! I didn't, due to never having issues with anything before, and that may have been a terrible mistake.


Hm, the first review for THIS model on best buy says 'stopped working after a week'.



From what I have found, this appears to be it's motherboard:

That states that the usb internal connectors are usb 2.0. Also, it's four rear usb ports are 2.0.

My guess is that HP uses very similar/same case for a lot of their PCs, and that the port on top of that case is a usb 3.0 port, but plugs into a usb 2.0 header on the motherboard. So it can only do usb 2.0 speeds.

Edit: Also, even though the HP specs do say those are usb 3.0, I think they're getting away with that the same way as they technically are 3.0, but they're not plugged into a 3.0 header on the motherboard. Just like you can buy any PC case with usb 3.0 ports, but they don't work until they're plugged into a 3.0 port on the motherboard...

Also, I'm pretty sure it's super rare for a PC to have it's motherboard support usb 3.0 internal ports but not on it's rear panel. Most of the other way around...


90 day warranty; a 1 year warranty costs $76 (about 18%) more.


If I didn't just spend a ton of money on college text books I'd get this :(


I purchased this from moofi and received the box yesterday. During the initial setup (within 5 minutes of turning it on), the computer froze, crashed, and rebooted. I spent last night doing Windows Updates and such and repeatedly had the same problem. Freeze, crash, reboot. Probably 8 or so times total before I went to bed. I'm on the HP Support forums right now asking for help, but I suspect I got a defect. Just a heads-up in case anyone else here is having a similar problem.


Addendum: after 3 days of headaches with HP tech-support and what appeared to be a crap hard drive, they had me send the computer back to them. That process made me wait for them to Fedex me a box and shipping label, then I had to drop it off again at a Fedex location. I just received it back today with a note which said they'd replaced the video card. I left the computer to update Windows and came back once to find it crashed again. Rebooted, had it update Windows again, and left for work. Hoping this solves the issue. Otherwise it will have been around a full month of headaches and still no working computer.


I bought a brand new HP h81234 and it froze from day one. Got online with tech support and they told me to disable something with concerning the keyboard; did that, seemed to work. Started using the machine and it froze. I just kept using it; the freezing got worse. Two weeks ago I spent 7 hours with tech support on the phone, running various tests that all came back negative for problems. Then did a total system recovery. Still froze. Finally decided I should take it back to Best Buy and have them send it in for repairs. It came back last Wednesday; nothing but freezing. Last time I used it, it froze 10 times in 20 minutes. I called tech support today and they are giving me a hard time. I told them fix it, give me my money back, or give me another computer or I go to a lawyer. They said they would call me back; haven't heard from them since. I guess it's lawyer time. It definitely is "lemon time". Something is definitely wrong with these "super performance" hps.


Exact same problem with the freezing. Drove me nuts. I couldn't go more than a few minutes without it freezing. I just quit using it after a couple of days. Didn't really fell like dealing with it.. but the 90 day warranty was running out so I finally sent it in to HP for repair, (after hours and hours of phone time with them...) haven't gotten it back yet.


As a final addendum, I think I sent the computer back to HP twice, if not three times. During the last interaction with them, I included my speculations regarding the problem. In the end, they ended up being very receptive to my problem. They not only replaced the hard drive (finally) but they also did the initial setup of Windows for me (using my name as the login) so they could replicate what I was doing and maybe even run more tests to assure they'd fixed the problem. When I got my machine back, it was setup, updated, and ran flawlessly. It's been several months of smooth sailing. In the end, I'm a pretty happy customer. Hope anyone else who has problems also has them resolved as well as mine were. Best wishes.


I ended up threatening them with a lawyer if they didn't either fix it, replace it, or give me my money back. Within 1 hour, a top manager called me, made arrangements for FedEx to send me a box, pick up the machine and get it to HP ASAP. Within 3 days I had my machine back (all free) and it worked and has been working perfectly. It had a bad CPU, which they replaced. They had set up Windows with my name and I didn't lose any info (what little I had) that I put on since they replaced the hard drive. I don't know that I will ever buy another HP; it would have to be a GREAT deal. I went to hell and back with this one.


@spiras: Mine ended up being a bad CPU...they replaced it and now it works great. Threaten them with a lawyer and they move fast, then. When I threatened, they arranged for free shipping with FedEx (even sent the empty box to my door); had it back in less than a week and they gave me another year of warranty.


@dbrewton52: thanks! I just got an email from them saying they replaced the motherboard and CPU.. Actually gave me an upgraded CPU (FX6200). Not sure if it was the lawyer threat or the 'I'm about to throw someone through the window here and blame the murder on you' threat.. But whatever it was, I got an email shortly later saying it was fixed and on its way back. We shall see.


Started as soon as I got it home in 10/2012. If I ran a DVI cable, it would not wake up. Had to hard boot it. Finally figured out that if I used a VGA cable, it worked but graphics were noticeably worse.

I could live with it given the specs of the machine.

Sad to say, Mine just went belly-up. Had problems over the last few days with it not waking up. This evening, no go. As long as there's hard drive activity (blinky light on the front), it's working. As soon as the drive activity light stops, so does the boot. Even mid Windows startup screen.

After an hour with HP support, sorry, you only had a 90 warranty. For about $300 they would fix anything broken and give me another 90 warranty.

Hmmmmm...... $3xx for a computer I paid $4xx for..... let me think..... NOPE.

OH, how am I typing this? My old Dell Dimension E510 that I replaced... Booted just fine after months of being powered off....albeit slower...

Will NEVER buy another hp!!!