dealscheerleader costume with satin jacket and pom…


I have to disagree - it looks like her pom poms are not OEM, but rather aftermarket. I would be leery of the "pom poms" that come with this deal - the equipment may be free, but the installation is what will kill you!


As I recall being in school, the qualification most required for girls who wanted to be cheer leaders was that they had to bring their own pom poms to the tryouts to stand a chance. They could be stupid and bad students so long as they had nice pom poms and knew how to constantly shake them even when standing still....being blond helped too I seem to recall.


She looks like she can take one for the team, maybe even two.


Times have changed. The cheer squads are like dance teams now, and you have to be able to actually DO STUFF!

The most frequent injuries these days in school are to cheerleaders. They do all these acrobatics and routines, but have no protective gear. So when somebody falls, they get hurt.


Ok Mrs. Favre, your order is being processed.