dealsrazer naga 17-button gaming mouse for $39.99 + $5…


good price on the standard of thumb-grid button mice.


This is excellent for MMORPG's, or FPSes that have lots of button binds. Once you learn the muscle memory and button placement, you will never use another mouse for gaming in your life. It's a steep learning curve though. But the value it provides in freeing up keybinds in your keyboard (or nostromo?) is invaluable.

Another great side benefit is the replaceable right-sides, which you can use to make it whatever size is necessary to fit your hand most comfortably!


As a WoW-addict, I can not recommend this mouse highly enough. It takes some getting used to, but if you really work at getting used to the buttons it only takes a week or two before it starts feeling completely natural. I keep my standard rotation on the buttons, use shift+ for cd's, and use my left hand for macros and queuing vent.

At $40 this mouse is a steal. People may whine that it's refurb and not a new product, but sadly for Razer mice this is a good thing- many people will tell you that their new Nagas crap out after a few months (it's a common complaint against Razer mice, especially the Naga), but these refurbs have the cheap components that break replaced with what I believe to be higher quality parts. I have had my Naga (refurb) for over a year and have had no issues with it.

If you play MMO's and are in the market for a mouse, buy this NOW. It will sell out quick.


Think it needs more buttons?


@milomialla: Speaking as a former MMORPG player, I tried the Naga and found it unwieldy due to the close proximity of the buttons and how stiff they are. To prevent accidental use, the buttons have a very high weight compared to any other gaming peripheral I've used. My roommate was a healer and loved it because of his low-movement play style. As melee and with the highest number of different skills in active rotation and exactly 10 CDs to manage, I actually went with the Naga Hex and I recommend taking a serious look at it before deciding. It has mechanical keys in a circle with a'dead pedal' button in the center to rest your thumb on. It's perfect for MOBA like League of Legends or Smite; a key for each skill.

If you're a serious gamer? I cannot recommend one of these two mice enough. Every gaming friend I have has switched to them since I put their hands on one.


Naga Molten for $59.99 new at Newegg with code EMCJNNA64

Donno the difference between the two, but saw it in the mailer and figured I'd share the wealth.


My old Naga has begun to develop spurious double click syndrome. I've been keeping my eye out for a new one, but I was hoping the epic version would come up again... any thoughts to how likely that will be? I'd hate to miss replacing this one, but I guess that's all part of the woot game.


@snowire: I hadn't been considering the Naga because it's too damn small for my hand. I've had mice that were too narrow before and end up with hand cramps. I had no idea about the replaceable side panels. Thanks!


Too many buttons for me! I'm all for macros and such that make repetitive tasks easier, but I can't imagine keeping track of all those buttons, and just by feel (since you probably want to be looking at your game, not your gaming mouse).


@teevee: You're welcome! FYI there is a HUGE side panel that almost doubles the size of the mouse. It's what I use with it, and it could/should work for you :)


@snowire: Unless they've updated the original Naga, are you perhaps thinking of the Naga Epic's replaceable side panels? I don't believe that this model has them. (I have one of each - I use this one with my desktop and the wireless Epic with my laptop.)