dealsmotor trend magazine subscription with coupon…


Which is a better magazine, this? Road & Track? or Car and Driver? or do they all cover pretty much the same things. Was thinking of getting a subscription to one of these, but was never sure if any one was better than another.

I guess the price on this may be the deciding factor unless one of the others is that much better. Any thoughts from any readers out there?


@cliniquelady: They are all about the same. I have a subscription to both MT and R&T and not a lot of difference. If a car is made in Germany ( BMW in particular), they will give it the highest rating almost every time. They cannot help themselves ( or say no to the cash I am pretty sure they are getting for their comment)

That said, $2.99 is a damn good deal. In for 4 years as my previous subscription just expired.


@cliniquelady: Agreed. I have both Motor Trend and Car & Driver and they cover pretty much the same vehicles within a month of each other. Once my subscriptions run out, I'll only re-up one of them, most likely Motor Trend.


Thanks! I'm in for four years at $12. Now I just need a similar deal for Popular Science...


Woohoo, in for 4 years. Good crapper reading. :)


@cliniquelady: Car and Driver has much better writing than MT or R&T, and unlike MT, they don't automatically choose the most-recently updated model as the winner in comparisons.

The only reason to choose R&T is if you want more coverage of motorsports rather than a general-interest automotive rag. The only reason to choose MT is…wait, there isn't any.


Great find. Now what to do with all of these cheap magazine subscriptions?


Anyone have any experience good or bad with magazine subscriptions from Tanga? I bought a Backpacker sub from them about 6 weeks ago and haven't seen anything yet. I know they say it can take awhile, but I'm hesitant to send them anymore money until I see something.


@rustybender: Took mine about 10 weeks to get Maximum PC...contacted them and within TWO hours had everything settled, guess something happened on M.PC's end and got goofed. Very good customer service, definitely recommend.


In for 4 years. (Not bad for less than 12 bucks!)

Great find, fellow Wooters. Thanks, as always. :)