dealsamazon kindle fire ereader w/7in multi-touch…


FYI, this is the first gen Kindle Fire and is not the Kindle Fire HD.


@gga1759: at this price it's pretty much assumed, but it's good to clarify.


Also not mentioned:
"Condition: Pre-owned Product Grade:
5 - Some scratches and/or signs of use"


For those of you thinking of picking one of these up for a child, the Kindle Fire 1st Gen does NOT support the new Kindle FreeTime service for kids. We found that out the hard way....


If you're not buying a Kindle direct from Amazon, you're going to need to expect it won't be new. Why would they sell out extra inventory... they have plenty of warehouse space.


If Amazon Videos and Netflix videos run nicely on this, it would make a nice mounted tablet in the kitchen or something.


can you watch youtube on this, anyone who owns it?


YouTube works okay, but I'm not sure if you still need an app for YouTube to get HD video.
Netflix and Amazon Video work well and that's all one of our kids uses it for.


@tonymontana444: My kids watch Youtube on the (original) Fire all the time. Runs very smoothly and picture is crisp and clear.


@tonymontana444: Yeah. It's a decent little tablet with full internet access and a pretty good selection of apps. Amazon Prime videos are great. Netflix is great. You can check out more apps on the website. The book and music store is very large. You can get pretty much anything. The speakers are also surprisingly good for a tablet. Also, it's a pretty tough device, which makes it good for kids. It also has a parental lock for the internet if that's necessary. Overall, for $90, I doubt you'll find a better device. Heck, some stores will probably buy it back for about that price if you're unsatisfied.


Picked one up! Thanks, OP - good find!


@waltsnider: Cowboom is BestBuy's site to sell returned items. There may (usually) be some missing parts and manuals and can be in great condition - look for a grade of 5 or higher. I picked up a grade 6 small point-and-shoot camera for $40, camera only but the charger and 2 batteries cost another $15 off Amazon so huge savings. The camera doesn't look like it was used at all though it came without anything other than a mauled box.


I got a regular Kindle for $40 from them a while back. No hassles, but they didn't say whether or not it was one with ads (it was) so if there's several options always assume you're getting the cheapest one. The first-gen KF ultimately got an ads version so unless Cowboom feels like qualifying the product I'd assume that and plan accordingly.