dealsled water faucet light w/ color changing…


They are a cute gimmick and last 3-4 months before they waterlog or die in some other fashion (not battery life-dead)


The ones I bought only lasted a couple of weeks. Bought three, they were all the same, two weeks a piece. Do NOT recommend.


They are fun for sure, but my experiences were the same. Also, keep in mind that this extends a fair ways below the faucet head so my bathroom sink was a no-go.


I've had mine for almost 3 months and still works - but not well. The lights are all cool and well, but the Oring is worthless, it leaks a small stream of water from the connection where you screw it in.
Still, it is cool. Turn off the light and do the dishes - its wild.


I wish folks would stop posting deals for Meritline. Every time I see one I'm absolutely compelled to check out their daily deals -- just out of curiosity, of course -- and the next thing I know I've found five things that are just too cool and too inexpensive not to buy.

Edit: Dang. It happened again.


Garbage! Pure Garbage!! Ive bought a couple of these. Just plain Junk...


@notoriouscheech: Was it this exact same model that you purchased? There are a lot of different ones out there, and I thought, that of the choices at least, this one wasn't half bad. I mean, we are talking about $4 here. I don't think anyone is expecting something that will hold up & last for years - or even months. I think even getting a few weeks out of it would coincide nicely with when the novelty of it is wearing off anyway...

@magic cave: Lol, sorry :)
I know exactly what you mean, though. I had to "put my blinders on" when looking at this item, and every time my eyes started to stray away to the side of the screen, I would have to sharply remind myself "Don't look at that!" or "Don't you DARE click on that", lol.