dealssamsung galaxy s iii wallet case & free screen…


Everybody on team droid - "Finally a sponsored deal that's not just for the iphone"


@soboehmer: i'm on team "anything but iphone", so i support your message.


I almost feel obligated to buy one for my Samsung Galaxy S3, in an effort to encourage more GS3 accessory offers here on Woot!

Possibly after I have coffee...


I expect that Woot will eventually list something like "Samsung Galaxy S III adapter for Iphone". And iphone users, as is typical, won't know any better. It'll probably roll out with Apple innovations like "Now comes in WHITE".


Love this style of case, bit can't use it unless it will fit a phone that has an extended battery.

Galaxy S3 rocks.


This seems like a great idea, but I bought a similar product for my sister and the strap broke after the first day.


I ordered 3 cases, one is different from the wallet, and I selected it between the two wallet cases. The invoice was processed and paid for with PayPal so it will be interesting to see if I get 2. Strange that there wasn't an option to just buy more than one at the higher rate?