dealsthe dark knight trilogy pre-order blu-ray (batman…


No pre-orders allowed. Good deal, but it won't last.


@studerc: This is an actionable post. You can pre-order this item today.

The concept you are referring to is a thing or item that will not be "actionable" until sometime in the future.

All told.


@studerc: That deal is expired not killed. If the page was unavailable at the time we reviewed it, we would have expired it. Lots of things can make a page unavailable.

Hope that helps.


I just grabbed the trilogy from Amazon for $26.56. I was looking at all the option for the Blu-ray then added the trilogy to my cart, only need the one but couldn't pass up the price for them all. Then I decided to check out the Today's Deals and scrolled down and seen the trilogy and move with additional discounting. Not sure if this will work for everyone but it worked for me :)