dealscuisinart ice-45 mix it in soft serve 1-1/2-quart…


If you buy the pink one instead of white it's even cheaper - $81.48 :)


I got this as a gift for my kids, and returned it after 3 attempts to use it.
Save yourself the time and aggravation and but $100 worth of ice cream from the store.
Even following the directions and the reviews online how to use the ice cream maker, it comes out 1/2 liquid. My kids waited and waited and they got ice cold milk.


I got one of these a while back from Woot. I didn't have quite the bad experience that @brdr159 had, but it didn't work very well, at least not at first. Here is what I learned in order to make it work:

1) The freezing bowl has to be in a cold freezer for at least 72 hours. It takes that long to come to change all of the liqid gunk in there into a solid.
2) Don't put warm or even room temperature liquids in. They have to be cold. I found that putting the mix first into the fridge, then into the freezer and keeping it there until it was almost ready to freeze worked.

If you follow those tips, it will work. It came out pretty good, the gf's nieces loved it. But I don't think I would spend 100 on it. I don't even know if I would buy it again (and I paid much less than that): it is a pain to use and the results aren't that great.