deals3 port hdmi switch switcher video/audio switch…


The price is right, but that's an awful design, with cables connecting to all four sides. Good luck tucking that discretely into your entertainment center!


Well it sure is one of the lowest prices I've seen for one of these, and has decent reviews.

Great find!!!!

PS best buy want's $100 for a similar contraption. Good for those of us w/ older hdtvs, as I only have 1 hdmi port :o(


I got one of these from Monoprice where they're $10.15, so I don't think anyone needs to panic buy to save a couple bucks. I use it to switch between my PC and Xbox. The autosense is useful for not having to pick which device to use when you're only using one, but with both on you have to use the button to switch between them. I was pondering the admittedly terrible layout, and I think with a couple of right angle adapters you could have something workable by routing one of the cables under the box.