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I have no idea why but I will watch this movie anytime it's on TV. Roadhouse and the original Karate Kid are the only other movies to have reached that status


Back to the Future and Karate Kid are great movies. Last Action Hero and Roadhouse are guilty pleasures.

Please don't confuse again or I'll sick a cooler on you.


"Big gun kick the helloutta you!" - The soundtrack was the only decent thing about this movie.


This movie is underrated IMO. At least when it came out. Nice action movie satire and a reasonably interesting plot. I just don't think people were used to seeing Arnold actually have full sentences to say.


@starbob: Most of the people I've talked to about this movie either:
a) Don't understand that it's satire -or-
b) Understand that it's satire, but haven't seen making of the films it is referencing

Watching the Arnold collection, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry, etc. and then going back to this film makes you realize how great it really is at what it was going for.